Midland Consumer Radio RA36451 Weather Radio Black (HH50B)

$19.99 $19.95


The Midland HH50B pocket weather Alert radio is the ultimate in straight-forward, simple access to emergency information. Skillfully constructed with the finest components, the Midland HH50B is built with all solid-state circuitry mounted on a rugged, printed circuit board to provide you with reliable and trouble-free performance for years to come. The HH50B receives NOAA weather Alert broadcast and searches for the weather frequency for the area when powered up. This unit has an automatic Alert system that turns it on in event of dangerous weather or civil emergencies, so you don’t miss anything crucial. The HH50B Features a weather Alert test button that allows you to confirm the weather Alert function on the radio is working properly at all times, even without any live broadcasts. The HH50B includes 3 AAA batteries.


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